1. Bad Checks

    New Jersey Statue 2C: 21-5, states that a person who issues or passes a bad check or similar sight order for payment of money, knowing that it will be not honored by the drawee, commits an offense.

  2. Fraud & Identity Theft

    The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office is making a concerted effort to combat identity theft in Monmouth County.

  3. Juvenile Bureau

    When a juvenile commits a delinquent act within the jurisdiction of Holmdel Township, our Juvenile Bureau has 3 basic goals.

  4. Juvenile Conference Committee

    The Holmdel Juvenile Conference Committee (JCC) consists of members of the Holmdel Community who are trained and appointed by the presiding Judge of Monmouth County, Freehold, New Jersey.

  5. Megan's Law

    Read frequently asked questions about Megan's Law.

  6. Reporting Crime

    One of the greatest assets a Police Department has in solving a crime is the timely reporting of an offense.