Firearm Applications

Application Process

Firearms Permits

NJ Firearms Purchaser Identification Cards and Handgun Purchase Permit Applications are available at the Holmdel Police Records Bureau during regular business hours (Mon – Fri 8 AM-4PM) or the State Police website:  (Application- STS 033 Rev. 09/09 and Mental Health Records Search-SP66 Rev.10/14)

  • Application fee for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card: $5.00 - Cash, check or money order payable to “Township of Holmdel.” Initial issue allows purchase of rifles, shotguns & ammunition.
  • You can access the Mental Health Records Search Form by following this link:
  • Application fee for Permit to Purchase Handgun: $2.00 ea. - Cash, check or   money order payable to “Township of Holmdel.”
  • Fingerprinting and name checks for your criminal history are NO LONGER processed by the Holmdel Township Police Department. You will initiate and complete one of the following transactions on line.
  • When your initial application is accepted, you will be provided a form from the NJ State fingerprinting vendor, Ident2Go. Follow the instructions on this form to schedule an appointment, and pay the processing fee of $57.20. Company information is available at or at 1-877-503-5981
  • If you are applying for a duplicate card or permit(s) to purchase a handgun, you will be issued a form with information to complete an online application for a name check with the NJ State Police. (Online SBI 212A).  Follow the instructions on this form to submit your information and pay the $20.00 fee.  Information is available at
  • The ORI# for Holmdel Township is NJ0131800
  • Any questions please  call Police Records at 732-946-9690 ext. 1751