Fire Prevention

The Holmdel Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for enforcing the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code and the New Jersey Uniform Fire Safety Act. This includes but is not limited to investigation of the cause and origin of fires, investigation of fire safety concerns, and inspection of all businesses and commercial uses within the Township.  The Bureau also conducts various Fire Prevention educational activities throughout the year.

The New Jersey Uniform Fire Act requires that all commercial uses classified as “Life Hazard” use, be inspected at least once a year and more frequently if the use has an increased risk to life.  Those uses classified as “Life Hazards” must be registered with the State of New Jersey.  The Act also requires commercial buildings classified as “Non- Life Hazard” use, be inspected on a regular basis not to exceed five years.

Fire Inspections are vital to prevent fires and potentially dangerous situations.  Fire inspections are conducted regularly and are not necessarily scheduled in advance and for the most part they are conducted “at all reasonable times”.  The Act also provides penalties and fines for refusing to permit a required inspection.

The Bureau also offers free Fire Safety Education presentations upon request to a variety of different groups, organizations, and businesses.  These presentations include basic knowledge of fire safety and in some instances can be customized to teach specific subjects.  If you would like the Bureau to make a presentation, please feel free to contact the office.  Please provide enough advance notice so that there is sufficient time to schedule and prepare the presentation.

The Township requires that property owners adjacent to fire hydrant locations shall clear snow from around the hydrants within a three foot radius (See to the right) within 24 hours after the end of snow or ice accumulation. If you have a contract for snow removal, please consider having your contractor clear the snow. If you have physical limitations and, because of these limitations, are unable to clear the snow, you should see if friends or neighbors can help. Clearing snow around hydrants is important because, in the event of a true fire emergency at your home or place of business, every second counts.