Traffic & Bike Safety Committee

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The TABS Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity for matters affecting the safety and well-being of all residents with respect to vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian safety. The TABS Committee may make recommendations, which shall be transmitted to the Township Committee by the Township Committee liaison. The scope of the TABS Committee deliberations and recommendations may include the following: a. To identify high risk intersections and streets in need of improved traffic safety measures b. To recommend crosswalks, signage, flashing lights, bike lanes, and other demarcations to improve safety. c. To develop and share communications plans for residents to improve driver safety, bike safety and pedestrian safety. d. To research and share successful programs and measures from other towns to improve safety and encourage bike and pedestrian use. e. To recommend any partnerships or grants at the county, state or private level to fund improvements to traffic and bike safety.

For immediate attention to traffic issues, please contact Holmdel Police Department Traffic Safety Unit at or 732-946-4400.

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Term Length

Term Expiration

Mireia NaharroThree YearsDecember 31, 2022
Patrick Castenie Three YearsDecember 31, 2022
Kenneth LehnerTwo YearsDecember 31, 2021
VacancyTwo YearsDecember 31, 2021
Sara MichalskyOne YearDecember 31, 2020